Stardew Valley

My Favorite Game!

Stardew Valley was the first game I ever played that I felt good at, and it did a LOT to get me into the hobby. Picked it up a few days after launch, as I had been watching some let's plays and wanted to play it! I made a steam account specifically for Stardew Valley. I remeber staying up every night until 1-2 AM playing it. It was so fun! I fell in love with the setting, my farm, the npcs, and all the little mysteries! When I moved out and didnt have internet, I played even more stardew since it was already downloaded. It brought me a lot of entertainment and comfort. It was so extra fun when they added multiplayer because then i could play with my friends! I remeber the day the update went live I went over to my best friends house so we could play it together. And now it is one of my favorite ways to spend time with my long distance fiancee! Sharing a farm with her and showing her all the little secrets I found over the years is really special.

My Farms!

Here are some shots of the very first farm I made in Stardew!

And here are some shots of one of the farms I've made with my fiancee!

Cool Mods!

Speaking of mods, here is a list of neat mods i've tried! Click the photos to go to the Nexus mod page!

I feel like this is *the* SDV mod, and theres a good reason why! Its amazing, the new NPCs fit right in and all the other extra stuff is amazing too!

This one is pretty helpful, your cat brings you gifts! More QOL but still fun

These are soooo cute! And i'm a sucker for new furniture!

I will never play SDV without this mod ever again.

This one is really cool! It lets you change the look of your farm buildings!

more rings!!! 2 is not enough, i've got 10 fingies!

This one is really helpful, I always try to raise my friendship up with everyone and the deterioration makes it feel like I can't do anything else while I do that. This fixes that.

This one makes the babies cooler! The babies do nothing really so its nice that they can be cooler.

One of my all-time faves, sometimes the repeated dialogue gets really stale. Its really really cool to hear new stuff you've never heard before from an npc!

This is soooooo helpful for animals and stuff, the grass wont die in winter!!!

I'll admit sometimes this one feels a little annoying in early game when you cant see well at night, however it's still super cool and adds a lot to the game. Give it a try!

Rainbow horse.

I honestly feel like I havent even scratched the surface on this one. Adds SO much to the late game especially and makes resource griding easier.