Spooky Evening

Hello and welcome! Halloween is the best holiday! This is an objective fact obvs. My family was always the Halloween house growing up, I got to host many awesome Halloween parties with loads of fun snacks, decorations, and games! I hope this page can serve a dual purpose of being nostalgic and inspirational!

Halloween Movie Night

***CW for: visuals of suicide, jumpscares, murder, gore, gaslighting, abuse*** This is a pretty cheezy black and white movie but if you have concerns please look at the full list of warnings and possible triggers on:


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Take a candy pail!

Make sure you take some candy!

Make your own candy!

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Movie List

I put these two together for a fun challenge/ countdown to Halloween! There is one of horror movies, and one of non-scary Halloween vibe movies for those who don't enjoy horror :)

Game List

Some Halloween games I have in my steam library. you can click the photos to go to the steam page!

Costume Quest is 10/10 Halloween-y, 1/5 scary. Has a very fun sequel! :)

Night in the Woods is 6/10 Halloween-y, 1/5 scary :)

Call of the Sea is 3/10 Halloween-y, 2/5 scary :)

Graveyard Keeper is 7/10 Halloween-y, 1/5 scary :)

Grim Fandango is 4/10 Halloween-y, 1/5 scary :)

Haunt the House is 10/10 Halloween-y, 1/5 scary :)

Little Nightmares is 7/10 Halloween-y, 4/5 scary :)

Little Witch in the Woods is 8/10 Halloween-y, 1/5 scary, It is still in early access :)

Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor is 7/10 Halloween-y, 3/5 scary (mostly atmospheric scary) :)

Witches x Warlocks is 10/10 Halloween-y, 1/5 scary :)

Witcheye is 8/10 Halloween-y, 1/5 scary :)

Phasmophobia is 8/10 Halloween-y, 5/5 scary :)


Here are some cute recipes I found in the book "Frightfully Fun Halloween Recipes" from 2000. If you'd like to rent the whole book, the cover links to the internet archive page where you can rent it for free :D

Below here are some more recipes I've found from across the internet, all photos will link to the full recipe :D


Some cute halloween patterns and crafts from across the internet! After all, who doesn't love some spooky arts and crafts?

below here are free patterns and ideas! Click on the photos to go to the site page!

I hit the jackpot on internet archive again! Click the photos to rent the book :)

Below here are etsy patterns and projects! Click on the photos to go to the etsy listing!


Some cool Halloween Toys and Decor

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