Furry OC's

Main OCs & My Sona

I have a few OCs that actually have written out characters and lore, so here they are! Plus my sona at the bottom :0)

Olive is a Virgina Opossum, she is very shy and keeps mostly to herself, although she has a few very close friends that live nearby. They are in my cozy cottage section on my toyhouse! She used to be my sona but kind of took on a life of her own.

Emi is a super fun loving and energetic furby! She loves to throw big themed parties for all her friends. She can definely go a little overboard and ends up disappointed when something doesnt work out the way she imagined.

It's me!!!! Just me in a silly clown hat :0)

Toyhouse Highlights

Here are some of my most favorite (i love all of them tho) OCs/ adopts from my toyhouse!

Beebop is an adopt I got at the same time as Nuage! I imagine he is Olive's puppy friend! They snuggle up on the couch and watch movies, and Beebop runs around in Olive's garden :0) I Imagine he is the size of a Saint Bernard.

Viola is an adopt I got very recently! I love cute little mice! I imagine she is also shy and lives nearby Olive! I think her and Olive would both want to be friends with eachother but each is too shy to ask the other to hang out. You can do it Viola!!

Cassie is another recent purchase! I was eyeing her for some time and finally got the money together! I love her design so much! I imagine she is a cryptozoologist and is staying in Cozy Cottage to look for Bigfoot! Maybe she'll make some friends along the way?

Briar is one I made using a base! I am really proud of the highlights I did! She is a little beetle best friend for Olive! She is super duper tiny (fairy sized) and rides around in Olive's pocket! Olive has doll sized dishes and furniture so they can have tea together in the afternoons.

Marina is a really cute adopt I got on twitter! I have two more from this set and I adore all of them, but I think she is my most favorite.

Vax is another twitter adopt, I was so lucky to get them! I love this artist and their art style, and I love Vax!!

Pebble is a lovely adopt I got, I have some ideas for them as a character but I am not ready to share them yet x3

Apollyon is a part of a really cool open species called Baphys! I love his little floaty candle and color pallette!

Cordelia is an OC I made myself from a really good base! I am sososo proud of how she came out. I wanted to do kind of a lovecore twist on a dapple grey (my favorite horse type)! I still struggle with lineart but bases make me feel like I can still have fun with art :0)

Glorbf is a single celled organism. I got him in a trade. I love him.

Nuage is my most favorited OC I think, and one of the first adopts I ever bought! I love them sososo much, they look so fluffy and huggable!

I named Wendell after the equally sleepy animal crossing character. I am imagining a story in my head where he gets a good nights rest and has a nice late breakfast :0)

Nyx is a really cool adopt I bought from an old friend! I love love love jackalopes and especially his spooky vibes! I think he would hide in the shadows and his eyes would glow! But like in a friendly way :0)

Atlas is another OC i made using a base! I am also really proud of them! I love their warm colors and cute earrings and wing dangles! I see lots of bats where I live and I love them.